All New Jeep Grand Cherokee
TrailHawk Edition

coming soon to Chapman Chrysler Jeep in Las Vegas

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Witness Fearless Capability
Muscular and broad-shouldered, Trailhawk™ cuts the air with a powerful, streamlined exterior with added features destined to catch approving eyes. With rugged styling including Flame-Red Tow Hooks, Seven-slot grille, Solid steel Rock-Rail and more, it screams exemplary capability.
Black Headlamp Details
Black Headlamp Surrounds on the front exterior serve to accentuate the already striking 'face' and profile of the Trailhawk™.
Front Tow Hooks
Flame-Red, dual-front Tow Hooks foreshadow the predatory power this Grand Cherokee has to overcome and dominate any challenge.
Strength In The Grille
The signature Jeep® Brand's Seven-Slot Grille acquires a vigorous new persona on Trailhawk™, when matched with High Gloss Mineral Gray paint and Black Overland Mesh.
GoodYear Silent Armor KEVLAR® TIRES
With Kevlar® belts five times stronger than steel lining the tread (manufactured with Durawall technology to help resist cuts and punctures to sidewalls), these tires claw the trail, taking on almost anything in their way.
The mark of a Leader
Ready to assume the mantle of the Jeep® brand's flagship vehicle, Trailhawk's™ Nameplate Badge in Flame-Red Accent makes a definitive statement that's impossible to miss.
Made to Overcome
Just to be Trail Rated® means to have the freedom to Go Anywhere. Do Anything® – usually on the world's most demanding terrain. For Trailhawk™, even this renowned Jeep® standard of demonstrated off-road capability is just an appetizer. Beginning as a dream of what might be, the full performance envelope of this extraordinary vehicle has yet to comprehended. Trailhawk™ lives to seize terrain. Paired with the 2-speed transfer case in Off-Road Adventure Group II, the system delivers you command of 5 different driving modes for optimum traction and driving experience on a range of road environments.

Keenly alert and relentlessly responsive, the Quadra-Trac® II 4WD system features a two-speed transfer case that acquires data from multiple sensors. Tire slip is immediately detected and power delivery is adapted on the fly.
Skid Plate and Rock Rail Protection
Trailhawk™ complements its overwhelming power with matching persistence. Robust and permanently on-guard, Trailhawk's front suspension and drivetrain plates were born to protect the underside from rocks and debris. Constructed of 3-mm thick stamped steel they include: a fuel tank skid plate, transfer case skid plate, front suspension skid plate and underbody skid plate. Solid steel rock rails are fitted to provide rocker panel and lower body-side protection throughout your most daring adventures.

Quadra-Lift® allows you to command your altitude through full control of the suspension. Elevate your vehicle for a maximum, Best-in-Class+ ground clearance of 10.6 inches. Trailhawk™ also drops 1.5 inches to accommodate easier entry, exit, and loading. En route, Trailhawk's posture can be pitched forward to maintain headlight focus onto the road.